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Create an interactive prototype of the AllSaints PDP (product description page) making recommendations on how to improve their UX.

Portfolio AllSaints PDP.png

With mobile at the forefront, focus on a seamless UX was paramount. To ensure there was not confusion the size selection is no longer hidden after the user interacts with 'Add to Bag'. Swatches are outlined rather than greyed out for clarity. Bespoke social media icon is introduced to distinguish the content whilst playing homage to AllSaints 90's origin. 

For desktop, space was given to indicate a clear hierarchy, enabling the hero imagery to stand out and show detail. The bespoke letter border highlights the newsletter proposition - a huge driver towards customer retention. 


Develop an interactive editorial for the AllSaints animal

campaign with commercial elements. 

AllSaints Editorial Creative.png

Impactful imagery with simple typography, there is beauty in simplicity. Users can gain inspiration whilst tapping through a select edit of products within each print subcategory.

Users can also favourite to come back to later or add products to their shopping bag directly from the editorial feature. 

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